Machine Cutting – Water Jet Cutting is a Highly Effective Method of Machine Cutting

Machine Cutting – Water Jet CuttingMachine cutting can be described as a method used by a variety of different industries to achieve high precision cuts on heavy-duty materials. Many materials cannot be cut using traditional methods, such as sawing, as such techniques either cannot cut through extreme thickness, or they will result in rough edges. The majority of the time, sawing techniques can only produce straight lines.
Clearly, industries such as mining , aerospace, construction and renovations require a wide range of materials to be cut precisely. As the various materials used by these industries are not cheap, it is important that each cut be done correctly and efficiently so as not to waste an expensive material.
For the above reasons, water jet cutting is a popular method amongst a wide range of industries and companies. Water jet cutting uses a jet of water that is sometimes mixed with an abrasive substance, such as garnet or sand, and applies it at high pressure and speed to the material in question.
Water jet cutting can be used on the following materials:
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Carpet
  • All Alloys (Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum)
  • Brass
Many industries rely on water jet cutting as their main method of machine cutting as it has many benefits over other techniques.
The diameter of the jet nozzle is rather fine, enabling it to render precise and intricate designs and shapes. It is possible to achieve more advanced cuts and edges than traditional cutting methods.
Many machine cutting methods utilize heat as a way of cutting durable materials such as steel. While heat is widely used for this purpose, there is the threat that the material being cut could warp from thermal stress, leaving it deformed and in turn, useless. Material cut with water jet cutting is not threatened by the possibility of thermal stress.
Designs for water jet cutting are computer generated and then applied to the material in question by a robotic arm. This enables the possibility of more elaborate shapes and designs to be achieved.
Water jet machine cutting is considered to be an ecologically sound method of cutting heavy-duty materials. The water that is used for one project can be reused for another. The added abrasive substance is also not a toxic material.
Because water jet cutting is so precise, there is fewer wasted material due to mistakes, meaning there is less waste to dispose of. In addition, none of the waste formed during the water jet cutting process is hazardous, meaning it is safe to remove from the premises and easy to recycle.
Water jet cutting also eliminates the occurrence of airborne dust particles or hazardous materials such as asbestos from getting in the air during the cutting process, which would place laborers at a health risk.
Due to its many benefits stated above, water jet cutting is one of the most widely used methods of heavy-duty cutting.
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